How to Have a Fun Night Out While Saving Money

With the US-led global economic meltdown causing a lot of fear and anxiety among people around the globe, everyone is busy cutting down extra costs and saving every single dollar possible. When you are so prudently watching every dollar, nights out are most possibly the first on your list of things that have to be avoided. But, you need not give up hanging out so easily. A global recession or a poor (personal) economy should definitely not become an excuse for not being able to have a night out.  It is in fact quite possible to have a fun night out while saving money. All you need is little creativity and some intelligent planning ahead of time.

For most of you, drinking alcohol may be the most expensive, yet unavoidable part of a night out. So, the best way to save money on a night out is to cut the booze out altogether and alternate it with soft drinks. If you find it difficult to resist having a drink or two, just set yourself a limit that suits your budget and avoid ordering for drinks in rounds. Usually, when you buy drinks in rounds, it becomes very difficult to control the amount of money you are spending. Therefore, it’s always better to explain to your friends that you’d rather prefer getting your drinks separately. After all, being frank is much better than regretting your deeds later! You can also choose to enjoy the happy hour cocktails during the week, when you’ll have to spend less as compared to the weekends.

Another good way to save money is to look for vouchers, incentives, and discounts in newspapers, magazines, as well as on coupon websites. More than ever given the present economic scenario bars and restaurants are providing several attractive discounts and gift coupons to lure more customers. Alternatively, you can also choose to hang out at cheap restaurants around. Having a half-price meal out using a discount voucher is definitely not a bad idea!

Another thing that will help you have a cheap fun night out is proper planning ahead of time. Instead of planning a night out on a Friday or a Saturday, peak hours when you’ll have to pay premium prices, it’s wise enough to plan a night out on any other weekday, which won’t be that much of fun but will definitely save some money. If you are not very particular about hanging out in restaurants in the evenings, you can look for happy hours, daytime specials, and good lunch deals.

Lastly, when it comes to getting back home on after a ‘cheap’ night out, your safety is much more important than saving a few dollars. Therefore, it’s not al all wise to walk home alone. You can either get a public transport or get a taxi with as many people in it as possible to cut the individual cost. Also, you can use a little creativity and enjoy a night out at a pub as a ‘designated driver’. For instance, you can offer lifts home in return for drinks/soft drinks! Moreover, for a change, you can plan a two for one night at the cinema. Don’t hesitate to bring along your own snacks and drinks!! In short, there are many ways to have a fun night out that fits well in your budget. Just don’t give up, use your creativity, and enjoy that ‘recession-proof night out”!

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