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Web content is very different from the regular articles. Unlike regular articles, web content articles are not only rich in information, but also fine tuned to attract customers and generate sales. We realize the fact that the average time spent by a visitor on a website is less than a minute and therefore, we take up the challenge of writing web content that can highlight all your offerings in the first glance. We write content that is unique and well-distributed.  In short, web content must be able to flaunt the Unique Selling Points of a website in a professional manner. 

First Few Seconds Spent On Your Homepage Decide “Your Sales Volume”

Web users are very impatient. The average time spent on a site by a user is less than 60 seconds.  When a visitor comes across your website, the very first thing he will look on your website is – Purpose. If a user finds the purpose of your website matching with his in the very first glance, he will stay on your site to explore more or else will simply go away. Yes, the first few seconds on your home page projects all about you and your offerings. If you are able to convey everything on your homepage, you will watch your sales grow significantly, and if you fail to do so, you will keep wondering, “What went wrong?”

How Much Money Can You Lose Due To Useless Web Content Writing?

Let us imagine that you are planning to sell an e-book for $20 on the Internet. If you are getting very highly targeted traffic via marketing tools like Ad words, you must be able to generate a sale out of every 10 or 15 visits, and if not, you will either make pennies or run into losses. Thus, if you lose just two sales everyday because of bad web content, you will end up losing almost $14400 a year. The actual figure can be way more shocking and depends upon the cost of your services or products and also on the average number of visitors per day. 

Our Solutions For Web Content

We create content for websites that highlight your “Unique Selling Points” in the quickest possible time. Our rich experience in creating web content will help you generate sales for your product or services. Before creating content, we arrange a lot of interactive sessions with you to understand your business model and to ensure that the content you get meets our quality standards and is also relevant to your website. Our Web Content writing involves a great deal of research about your business, your competitors, keywords, target visitors etc. 

Our Past Works

We have been helping hundreds of customers by offering them regular web content for a couple of years. To check out some of our clients and our work, please check out our success stories.

Web Content Samples

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