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Articles writing is one of the most preferred ways to make a website popular. People use articles for a variety of purposes like reports, general research content, blogs, auto responders etc. Article writing is a time consuming job and it takes a great deal of time to create quality and original content. Many people, who need a large amount of content, usually buy articles from somewhere and spin them to turn the plagiarized content original.

Spinned Vs Fresh Article Content

Many people like to compromise with the spinned articles because of one simple reason - Money. But, how far will a compromised content take you? Spinned content is commonly used to get several backlinks. For example, if you write one original article and promote it, you will instantly get one backlink while if you write one article and spin it 100 times, you can get 100 backlinks instantly. Well, it seems that compromised content gives far better results. Isn't it? 
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Let us explain. 

An original and meaningful article, when submitted to an article directory like Ezine, is chosen by thousands of webmasters and put on their websites over time. The more unique, well researched and focused your content is, the better the chances of your article getting published are. That means, you will automatically get thousands of backlinks over the years.
To see an example, kindly check our success stories and see how we helped achieve thousands of backlinks with just one single quality article a few years back. 
Pros of Spinned Content
1. Used for aggressive backlink generation.
2. No need to write articles yourself. Just purchase an article and spin the content.
3. Relatively Cost-efficient up to an extent.
1. Overhead of re-writing the content.
2. Most of such articles are never unique and the articles you buy are already sold to thousands of people. 
3. Violation of Google quality content guidelines and hence, a drastic drop in the rank may be observed.
4. No guarantee of being 100% original. 
5. No assurance of quality.

Our Solution - Well Researched, Original and Quality Articles

We write articles only as per your demand and hence, you get 100% original content. Once written, you own the copyright for them and we never distribute them to anyone else. To ensure customer satisfaction, all our articles come with Free Copy Scape Reports. 

Always remember that fresh and original content will take you very far in building solid backlinks for your website, gaining popularity as an expert or promoting your product, website or a service. 

What Do You Get From Our Services?

1. 100% peace of mind and original content. 
2. Free Copy Scape Report for all articles.
3. Articles are highly customized for your niche.
4. They are unique and we never sell it to anyone else.
5. You own the copyrights for all your articles.

We encourage our customers to ask for any number of articles. No matter you need just one article or hundreds of them per week, we like to help you meet your requirements. We do not demand any advance before we deliver the work to you. Our customers always have the options to accept or get the articles revised in case of any discrepancy. In some exceptional cases, when the number of articles are very high, we require only 5% of the quoted amount in advance. Once an order is confirmed, we deliver most of our assignments within a week. If number of articles required are very less, we can deliver the completed work much faster than anticipated.

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